Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fair Art, Whitetail Deer, & Boating.

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

I realize at this point you are probably in shock that you can see another awesome perspective on life only two weeks after you were delighted by galloping horses, courageous warriors, and brave maidens, but I trust you will enjoy this latest installment of the continuing saga of our lives without undue damage. Believe it or not the bulk of these pictures are only three days old! Wait, was that a thud I just heard? See, this is why I have to wait two weeks to post pictures, I mean, look what happens to people when I get ahead of schedule? :)


Fair Time!

Ah, nothing says the end of summer better than the beginning of the local fairs. While our family normally does not go to the fairs for the usual things like rides, fair food, etc., we have consistently entered a large variety of items at Denver & Ephrata since we moved into the area. This year, though, was quite unique, not only did my older sisters and Philip volunteer at the fair (a first), but for the first time in eight years I did not enter anything. I did, however, decide to try some night photography at the Denver Fair, below are my results, such as they are.

Doesn't this remind you of a huge circular saw?

Come on guys, I was just taking a few pictures, no need to get all defensive!

What could be more classic?

Isaac's Deer Pictures

Last week some of my siblings traveled down to our grandparents' farm in South Central PA. While there, my brother Isaac went out with my camera to try some wildlife photography and a yearling doe graciously put in an appearance for him.

Isaac's Work of Art

If you have never been within 20 yards of a deer in the wild then I am not sure you have really lived! The chance to sit, with beating heart, and see the beauty of God's creation manifested in this graceful creature is an experience worth almost any amount of discomfort.

Yes, I am rather jealous of you, Isaac!

Canoeing with the Martins

Last Thursday evening my family went canoeing with the Martin family. Unfortunately, I had to work late so I was only there for the last twenty minutes or so, time enough for a few pictures and a quick trip in the canoe.

Bold Explorers

Even bold explorers can use some help sometimes.

Afterward, we all went up to Jon & Monique's apartment. Food, fun, & fellowship were the order of the evening.

Gary is obviously looking forward to his dessert.

Philip in a philisophical moment...

...apparently the topic at hand was more than a little challenging.

Isaac brings all his mental powers to bear.

The Philosopher

Boating with the Eashs & Karlbergs

And here they are, the pictures you have been waiting for with baited breath are revealed!

Isaac experiences the speed and maneuverability of a kayak for the first time.

Meanwhile, the rowboat with Monique, Chelsea, Philip, & myself sets out with Philip rowing. For some reason having two navigators giving him conflicting information seemed to be rather confusing for Philip.

Philip: "Wait, you said pull right?"
Josiah: "Yes, pull on the oar to my right."
Chelsea: "Never mind him, Philip, just pull on the one I point to."

Finally we got it mostly sorted out and proceeded to cross the lake in a beautiful zig-zag pattern with I think a few periods of moving sideways thrown in to mix it up a little. I know you are all gasping in amazement at such skill but it is true, we did manage to go mostly sideways at times. :)

Notice how much Monique seems to be enjoying Philip's labors?

Jon laughs at our attempts at navigation while he paddles circles around us in his kayak.
It is not long before the relative tranquility of our voyage is broken by the sight of a crazy kayaker who appears to be heading straight for us!

"Look out!"

"Ramming speed!"

Scott, Stephen, & Karen, far too mature for such antics, sail calmly past past shaking their heads at such juvenile behavior.
With me rowing and Philip and Chelsea giving me plenty of direction, we resume our leisurely passage up the lake, the calm is only broken by an occasional water battle to ensure that none of us have a heatstroke.

Time for some art!


Good friend, skilled navigator, accomplished rower, bold kayaker, and a terror with water, yes I know, she looks so calm in this picture but just wait until the water starts flying! :)
"What's this? That canoe seems to be getting a little close."

With many a brave war cry the locals charge down on us...

Only to be met by an unexpected use of the oars...

... sending them scurrying in retreat!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I would like to note that all but the first picture was accidentally taken in Auto mode. Believe it or not, just because it is a good camera does not mean that it automatically takes good pictures!
Hey, tying a canoe to a rowboat is not as simple as it looks!

Towing the Rowboat Home

What's this? Monique once again rejoicing in the labor of others?

Monique & Chelsea try their hand at the fine art of rowing: "One, Two, Three..."



Wow, these ladies are rowing so hard that we are overtaking the canoe that is "towing" us!

All seems to be going well...
But wait, what is this?

Yet another marauder darts out from his hiding place.

He may be smiling but in his heart he is determined to kidnap one of the ladies on our boat!

Thankfully it is Monique's husband so no duels to the death needed to be fought on the high seas.

Before we part ways I wanted to explain the somewhat limited scope of these photos. This is due to the fact that I only took my camera out on the rowboat and used it sparingly and as such these are almost all the pictures I took that are worth keeping.

I also want to publicly thank Philip & Chelsea for working so hard to protect my camera that even though we all came back soaked to the skin my camera barely got wet. :)

This picture just sums up the day for me!


God Bless,