Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family & Friends

Hi everyone,
Just a short post this time, it has been a busy week.

Next time, I plan to put up pictures from Thanksgiving, deer hunting, and the regional Uniting Church and Home Conference in Wake Forrest, NC.


Family Time

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

That girl knows how to pose for a camera. :-)

Cute Nephew

My awesome, big sister Sarah with her daughter Dorothy.

"Mommy, how many pictures is that guy going to take of me?"

"He just keeps clicking, and clicking, and clicking, one picture after another...."

"I can't take it anymore!"

Visiting with Friends

We recently had the privilege of visiting with the Hoffman and Carr families. After a delicious supper, out came the Bible Trivia game...

Jonathan: "We must not fall behind..."

"Uh oh, I sure hope your ready for this question."


Hey look! There's the photographer taking a picture of a photographer taking a picture.

More hard questions are read...

... more deep thoughts are thought...

... and a great time was had by all! :-)

There were a lot of people in Sarah and Nelson's house that evening.

Local Farm Show

Note: These pictures where taken a while ago, there's NO way I'm wearing a short-sleeved shirt now. It's too cold!

Waiting for our friends to arrive. Waiting = Time to take pictures.

And you thought YOU were tall. ;-)

The friends have arrived! Here we are, socializing in the cow barn.

We were all impressed by the light radiating off Shad's head.

Shad tries to strike up a conversation with a very taciturn bear.

Heard of the pig chase? Well, how about a guinea chase?

Believe it or not, he's actually a really nice guy. Looks can be deceiving.


Have a great week!
Benjamin E.

Friday, December 5, 2008

2nd IFRC Family Night

Hi everyone!
Don't have much time for an intro right now, I'm leaving on a trip in about an hour and I still need to pack. That doesn't every happen to you does it? :-)

So on to the pictures...


Shopping and Cleaning

The sight that warms our thrifty hearts. I love discount food stores!

Stores that have their products on pallets are just simply more fun.

Hey, look at that! Josiah designed that label that has a coffee cup on it.

Josiah on a quest for under-$2.50-a-pound cheese. BTW, we found it!

After the grocery store, we then stopped at the church building to wash the floor. We turned on some music...

... and got right to work.

Family Night

Welcome folks, to the 2nd IFRC family night!

"Daddy, what's a train?"

Joshua and Nelson play "Dueling Spoons". Sounds kind of like "Dueling Banjos", but with a slightly metallic twist.

Waving to the fans. ;-)

Nelson and Joshua decided to pass their knowledge on to a few...

... Students!

Playing spoons isn't hard, you just need to coordinate your brain, wrist, and fingers. Oh yeah, and it helps to have a sense of rhythm.

Look at them go!
Nathaniel reads an original composition.

Gloria Elizabeth plays the recorder.

Looks like the makings of a fine quartet.

A confederate solider makes an appearance.

The media was busy that night.
The Martins lay down some serious rhythm as Gary sings a song his family composed about ... a rooster!

It was pretty amazing.

That was so cool!

Time for some awesome classic music.

The crowd is loving all the talent being displayed here tonight!
"Only a few minutes until showtime, boys - CALM DOWN!!!"

Just before our grand entry, we realize we forgot some important papers.

We almost look professional ;-)

"My grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf... "

A future band member, maybe?