Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Suess's Move

Hello all,
Benjamin is currently on the road to Chicago, so it is just me here, doing my best to update this blog in the fine tradition of quality that we always strive to uphold. This weeks post consists of the move of a member family of our church, the Seuss household, from Lancaster County Pennsylvania, to Maryland. Without further ado, here are the pictures!

The Move - The PA End

We started at 7:30, the sky was clouded, but things cleared up later, the air was raw and the ground muddy, what more could one ask for?

What unfailing cheerfulness! Anyone that can smile while facing the prospect of packing up that kitchen has my respect.


It may seem odd to use a tractor, but trust me that thing weighed far more then a large piano.

"A little more this way."
Matt backs the rollback truck into a better position for loading lumber.

Mr. Jackson

"More wood coming up."

"You mean all of this stuff has to go?"

These barrels came in very handy for packing small stuff in.
After they were full we put them on the trailer.

I think moving has gone to his head. ;-)



So much stuff to pack!

Dale and Nelson skilfully maneuver one of many bookshelves.

Michael, "stay cool under all circumstances" is his creed. ;-)

Those two are going places!

Almost full.

Ben and Myron, masters of truck packing, place the final piece.

"...and then turn right at the gas station, or was it a car lot? Anyways, follow the road about a mile and turn at the shiny black mailbox without any numbers. You have all that down right? Good, I wouldn't want anyone to get lost." ;-)

The Move - the MD End

This is a wide shot of the Seuss's new place, the house you see is the caretakers place for a 500 acre estate near Chesapeake City, Mr. Seuss is the new caretaker.
Isn't the architecture awesome?

The Bell Tower

Anthony working hard...

...or hardly working? ;-)

"It's in that box right there. That white one? No the other white one."

For the record, almost all the boxes were white. ;-)

Holding the baby, that low profile, yet, oh so valuable job when moving.

Dew with a View!

Yes I know it is corny, by what did you expect?

The Truck That Stopped Halfway

The view that met our eyes on the way home.

Matt, the driver of this truck, was heading down the highway when his back wheel started vibrating badly, so he pulled off of the main highway. Two or three of the lug bolts had actually sheered off and the rest of them were very loose. He ended up sitting there until a friend, who arrived soon after us, came with his lug wrench, because Matt's truck was without one. After tightening up the remaining lugs as best as possible and offering a prayer for safety, they continued on their way. Thankfully the truck arrived at its destination safe and sound.

Gary, a former trucker, inspects the wheel.

The crowd

Art, what more can I say?


Thanks for visiting and God Bless,
~ Josiah

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Catchup Time

Hello everyone,
Thanks for visiting the official Life Through a Viewfinder blog. As you've probably noticed, our posting schedule has been a little erratic over the past few weeks. The reason for this has been that Josiah and I have both had a lot going on in our lives and have found it hard to find time when we are both available to work on this blog together. Lord willing though, we'll continue to do our best to get new content up on this blog whenever we can. We certainly have a lot of fun preparing our post and we hope you enjoy your visits to this blog as well!

Now, let's now move on to this week's photos. We are trying to catchup this week, so we have a lot of subjects to cover...

New Year's Day Farming Game Match

The board is set, the hats are in place, the business plans are ready... Let the annual Farming Game match get under way!

Eying up the neighbor's farm.

The Neighbor

"You stay on your property and I'll stay on mine!"

The Phillip & Benjamin Partnership: Go Big, or Go Broke!

Josiah and Isaac dolefully watch the flow of money into other people's hands.

Phillip vainly tries to reconcile the books for the Phillip & Benjamin partnership. Yes, you're looking at $25,000 worth of debt right there!

Nothing runs like a Deere!

Our Cousin's Wedding

Congratulations to Brad and Ally Wimberley!
January 5, 2008

A Song of Love

(Brad is a music major so as you might imagine, it was a very well written song. Or, to quote one of our cousins: "Wow, that was major American Idol material!")

'till death do us part.

The speedy recession :-)

Family Picture Time

"You there, stop taking pictures and get into line... We have family picture to take here, you know!"

"Would the bride and groom please stop gazing at each other and instead look over here toward the camera.... Hello??"
What a cute couple!

A cool wedding picture. :-)