Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church Picnic

Greetings to all our friends both far and near,
With our church having it's annual church picnic recently, we have a lot of pictures to post this time. What a great day it was! The weather was perfect, the games fun, the food tasty, and the fellowship with dear Christian friends wonderful!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the time spent looking through this week's installment of, Life Through a Viewfinder!

God bless,
Benjamin and Josiah
Philip dashes across the playground as he and Josiah S. engage in a fierce laser tag battle.

Josiah awaits his victim...
Yes, I think Aaron is liking his first time on the swing.

My cute niece.

"Hi there."

A child's fascination with the camera can provide some great photo opportunities. :-)
Girl - "Hey Ben, please take a picture of me."
Ben - "OK, just stand by this tree and smile at the camera... Excellent. *click*"


Interesting playground game.
From what I could gather, the goal of this game is to try to retain your seat at bottom of the slid while someone else slides down the slide and tries to knock you off. :-0

"Wow... When we were children we just slid down the sliding board."

The food line.

"Where do you want to sit?"

Food line art.
"Uh, that's all very interesting Matt, but are you ready to go through the food line yet??"


So many choices... How's a man to choose?!

"Hey look! That photographer is trying to get a picture of me again."

The young lady's table.

The boys involved in a deep discussion about... Joe Salatin and grass raised beef. Who would have thought? ;-)

Do you notice anything strange about this picture?


Lunch on the grass.
He certainly looks like he has places to go and things to do.

That's a big tree.

Somebody is going to get wet...
Uh, who invited those characters to the picnic?
Time for Volleyball!

"If you aren't nice to me, I might just take my ball and go home!"

Just try to get the ball past us!

Amidst clouds of dust, the battle for the next point rages.
It was meant to be mine!


1 boy v. 2 girls = intense game.

Looks like the girls got a point.

"I'm not finished yet!"

"Please turn the water on... slowly!"
The OTHER team.

And the game is on!

Nice kick, Phillip, but I fear it is doomed to go nowhere.

He's off!

The pitch.

First base, here I come!

Jonathan, expert coach, gives his team members some advice.
Energy is about to be released...

The kick.

"Tighten up the left!"

One of Josiah's famous (or infamous) punts.