Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Independence Day Celebration

Hello everyone,
Well, since I posted so many pictures this time, I won't write a long introduction to this post. For those who weren't there, the following pictures are from an Independence Day celebration hosted by my friends, the Stoltzfus family.

OK, I'm done. Enjoy the pictures.
"Hi, how are you? Haven't seen you in a while..."

Grilled meat is good.

Now this was shaping up to be a real nice picnic, but somehow Bobby and I found something to disagree about. It was all in good humor, but still...

... them was fighting words!!

I was thankful for my greater height, otherwise I probably would have been flattened.

Don't worry, we're friends again.
Potential pictures are everywhere, just look for them.

Are my eyes deceiving me? Or is this a classic case of photographer avoidance, also know as "I-don't-my-picture-taken" syndrome?

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Joel. ;-)

Deep discussion.

As part of our Independence Day celebration, Myron read the Declaration of Independence and spoke on the doctrine of interposition.

Pie Contest

Next on the schedule was the pie contest. Much to my delight, I was asked to be one of the judges - an offer, which I of course accepted.

Being a pie contest judge is every young guy's dream job.


Finally, after a long, rigorous, but very tasty judging process, we were ready to announce the winners.

The media was out in full force to cover this epic event.

"And the prize for the best crust goes to..."


Balloon Fight

I always wondered how Michael exercises his lungs for all that singing he does. Now I know.

I like this picture. A lot.

The crowd's suspense grows with each puff as the two regional champions from the National Balloon Inflating League (NBIL) go head-to-head. There will be only one winner.

And the balloon fight (bopping fest?) is on!

This is serious.

This guy looks entirely too innocent.

Here is the last picture taken by our brave, embedded combat photographer, Josiah E., just before he was taken out by an unfriendly native. He will be greatly missed by the staff at Life Through a Viewfinder Blogging, Inc.

Shooting Competition

Nicolas, our competent Range Master, explains the rules...

... and makes sure they are followed.

I think we have a hit!

The business man.

The skateboard dude.

The Desert Storm sniper.

A buffalo hunter from the Wild Wild West??
If you have any questions about handgun shooting, ask the two guys on the right. If you have any questions about, well anything, ask the guy on the left. ;-)


The handgun competition.

I wish I were part of that conversation, it looks quite interesting.

Bobby sending some lead down range.

Target shooting is fun!

Picnic Scenes

The shooting competition finished, we returned to the Stoltzfus' house to eat those delicious pies. But since I had already sampled all the pies while judging them, I was now faced with a puzzling dilemma: Which pie should I have now? After wallowed in indecision for a while, I happily discovered that a new pie had arrived which wasn't part of the earlier judging process. Even better, it was an apple pie, one of my favorite flavors. Problem solved.

Seeing life with unusual clarity, I filled my plate with apple pie and ice cream. When I took my first bite a few moments later, I knew I had made the right decision.


Good times.

In addition to celebrating our country's birthday, these two young ladies were also celebrating their birthdays. Abigail (19) on the left and Carmen (17) on the right.

I told you then, but I'll tell you again: Happy Birthday!


Here the guys are engaged in a serious study of martial arts.

You do not want to mess with the guy in the yellow shirt. He's an ex-boxer and an expert in martial arts.

He knows all types of moves ...

... which will level you before you even know what hit you.

Ready to get wet?

You know you want one of these.

Oops! Looks like a rather explosive misfire.

Wow! Can I go play too, Mommy?