Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jon & Monique's Wedding

Good Evening,

Here it is folks, the much anticipated (at least I hope so) post on Jon & Monique's wedding is about to be revealed to your delighted eyes. Though I have had to wade through numerous setbacks, and countless hardships, including major problems with my photo software and losing about 140 pictures entirely, I have survived to bring you this post at the earliest possible time.

But who really wants to hear me talk anyways?


The calm before the storm

Long before the wedding starts the groomsmen begin to gather...

...and zip up their ties, oh wait, no one was supposed to know about the zippers!
For the record we all know how to tie our own ties... I think :)

Now that Isaac has his tie safely zipped up he brings his skills to bear in aiding the groom...

...who, sadly, doesn't seem to be paying much attention to his hair!

Abigail manages to get the exuberant groom to hold still long enough to pin on his boutonniere.

The Bride forgot what?

Note to everyone planning a wedding, leave yourself a margin of at least an hour for any unexpected events like the bride leaving her veil a half hour drive away.

While we wait for Joseph to return from his emergency trip to pickup the bride's veil, the rest of the boutonnieres are pinned on.

Scott, ever the salesman, attempts to sell Philip some Purpose, he wasn't buying.

The girls prepare themselves.

Even with all the preparations going on the couple still found time to exchange love notes of all things, I mean really, they are getting married in an hour!

Always time for a few pictures.

Two of the lovely bridesmaids

Groomsmen Pictures

All right guys, time for some pictures!

Longtime friends


It is hard to beat this fun pose!

Uh Jon, this was a supposed to be a solemn picture.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Jon must fend off one last attack from his brothers before he is allowed to leave home.
As the hour approaches groom and groomsmen alike spend some time in the Word & prayer.

After a time of prayer we are ready...

...or maybe not.

Everyone have some Kleenax? Check. Now we are ready!
The Father of the Bride looks ready and raring to go.

I think we can safely assume from this picture that the Bride is prepared

The bridesmaids stand ready.

I take it that the fearless Katie is ready for whatever this wedding may hold.


Samuel looks ready for the crowds of people he must manage.

The Bulletin Boy is prepared.

It looks like the Best Man has things completely under control in the ring department.

And so it begins...

The Bridal Procession

The Bride Approaches!
"We are gather here today in the presence of God and these witnesses..."

A wedding is truly a joyous occasion!

"Are you ready?"

What better way to begin marriage than with prayer?

"Be Thou My Vision..."

The moment has come.

The Vows

"This ring I give to you in token and pledge..."

Who needs a caption?

Pure Joy

For the first time, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Einwechter!

The Matron of Honor and Best Man

My wonderful sister Karen and I.