Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanksgiving, Trip to NC, & Deer Hunting

Hello everyone!
Well, I started writing this post a few weeks ago, but then I went to Texas so that kind of delayed it from getting published. But I'm back home now and making good progress digging myself out of the mountain of work that piled up while I was gone. After I finish sorting though all my Texas trip pictures, I plan to post some of them here, but until then, enjoy this long-overdue post.

Thanksgiving Day

It's carving time.

Look at all that food! God has truly blessed us.

Yes, we fit everyone in... barely.

The natives are friendly around here. I think.

Loaded and ready.
Lots and lots of calories.

Cute Niece Picture #1

Cute Niece Picture #2

Bring on those dirty dishes! Scott and I are ready for 'em.


After getting all those dirty dishes cleared away, the guys decided to go outside and do some shooting.

Pouring in the stuff that makes the BOOM! happen.

Next goes in the wadding and ball.

In which I explain the complexities of the gun's ignition system.

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for.
The loading crew prepares for the next shot.

Ready. Aim...


Relish the smell of burnt gunpowder (if you care for such things).

Trying to find the 50 cal. bullet.

Philip lights things up.





Here we are boggling our brains playing Boggle.

Uniting Church and Family Conference

In the beginning of December, I and some of my family attended the regional Uniting Church and Family conference in Wake Forrest, NC. (

Scott Brown

Enjoying Christian fellowship.

Miss Fry and her cute little baby brother.

The media team.
It's always a joy to hear Mr. Jeff Pollard speak.

I like hearing my dad speak as well. :-)

Answering questions.

Two of the men I highly respect and admire.

Mr. Horn

The one and only Kevin Swanson. If you go to sleep during one of his lectures, there's something wrong with you. ;-)

Kevin Swanson's message "Surviving Tough Economic Times" was excellent. If you get a chance, I highly encourage you to listen to it.

Making new friends.
On Saturday night, after the conference was over, the Horn family took us out to eat at a little Mexican restaurant.

In which I photograph some of my favorite subjects.

Just in case you wanted to know, here's what cured my hunger problem that night.

See? I told you the restaurant was small. One thing is for sure though, those Mexicans know how to cook. The food was awesome!

While staying with the Horns, we enjoyed some great conversations together. :-)
On the Lord's Day, we attended Hope Baptist Church. Because of the large number of visitors from the conference, the service was held in a large tent.


Since it was Pearl Harbor Day, we observed a moment of silence for the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives on that fateful day in December, 1941.

That photographer looks they have a good idea for a picture...

... I think I'll try it to. :-)

Cleaning up afterwards.