Friday, January 18, 2008

The Blog Has Been Updated!

Hello everyone!
It's picture time again. :-) We hope you enjoy the pictures!

With out further ado....

Movie Night

Engrossed in The Great Escape.

Scott: "Yes, the movie is free, but it's mandatory that you buy a bowl of popcorn at $5.63 a bowl!"

Dale deep in thought. But is he thinking about the $5.63 popcorn or the movie?

Greek Meal

Ben and Nelson compare their specialized eating techniques.

It's a baby's life.

The Dish Washer

After supper, Anthony attacks the dirty dishes with vigor!

"Oh, so you want a picture of my inspiring example of hard work?"

Rickolas puts on his most saintly expression. :-)

Aaron decides it's time to have man-to-man talk with Ben.
It is amazing how serious people can be when they are having fun!

Lost in Thought

"So what are they doing anyway?"

Aaron Pictures :-)

The joy of learning how to walk!

"Dad, will I be as tall you someday?"

Paint Time!

A few weeks ago, we spent an evening helping Derrick paint his new house.


The Painter

Painting Art

Game Night #2

A game of Take One gets under way.

Mr. Raine is a worthy opponent.

Chris guides his token toward a harvest which he hopes will save his farm from bankruptcy. Unfortunately things don't go so well for Chris and a short time later he sells his farm to Ben and moves on to the next game....

Trivial Pursuit Master Game
Genus Edition, 1981

What a fun night we had!


Goodbye everyone! Please come again soon.


Ben and Josiah

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Late Post

Hello everyone!

Josiah here, taking care of the blog post for this week. Unfortunately our schedule was so busy this week that we couldn't find time to post. Hence this late Saturday night post.

Anyway stay tuned, we have a lot coming up in the next few weeks such as;
Refinishing the Church Floor,
A Cousin's Wedding,
New Years Celebration,
Game Night,
Movie Night,
And more! All right here on Life Thorough a Viewfinder!

In the mean time here are a few art pictures and a quick look at a gun auction...

Josiah's Art


Even the bird houses have icicles!


Gun Auction

I check out the guns.
Guys and guns, what could be more natural?

"This one is meant to be mine!" (To bad it isn't) :-(

Gun Art


Well that's all for tonight,