Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catchup Time!

Good Morning,

Achoo! Wow, is it dusty in here! I have been getting so used to my new Wordpress photo blog that I almost forgot how blogger even works. :)

Well, anyway, I decided that now is a good opportunity to catch up on a few older events to make ready for my eventual post on the SoS conference. Believe it or not, I still do not have all my pictures, but I may just have to post without all of my pics if I don't get them in a few weeks.

Thanksgiving Day

This year we had a smaller than usual Thanksgiving celebration due to Sarah & Nelson visiting his side of the family and Benjamin, of course, being in Texas. Our one consolation was the wonderful addition of having Monique with us for the first time as one of the family.

As always the food was unbeatable! Jon digs right in. :)

Dad fulfills his patriarchal duty of carving the turkey.

After Mom, his faithful helpmeet, lays out the traditional instruments.

Karen, eldest daughter at home.

Abigail, joyful sister.

Jonathan & Monique

I wonder what they are thanking God for on this Thanksgiving?

Isaac shares a good laugh.

Philip, what did Mom tell you about playing with fire?

Timothy, youngest son and up and coming photographer.

Esther, who is becoming quite the young lady.

No, I couldn't find any pictures of myself, photography has it's downsides!

"I... don't.... think... I can take another bite."


After we finished eating dinner the Martin family came over to help us press apple cider.

First you put in the apples.

Then you grind them up while keeping a sharp eye to make sure none escape.

Finally, you press them for all you are worth.

If you aren't worth enough, just get a longer lever! :)

Once you are finished it is best to relax over a good game of Jenga.

And last of all, head over to this young lady's blog for some real coverage. As a bonus, you will even get to see yours truly teaching his younger brother how to use a sword.

Congratulations, you are now an expert at making apple cider!

Mega Monopoly

After the Martins left, it was time to break out the Mega Monopoly and introduce Monique to the fun way of playing this classic game!

As soon as we figure out who goes first, that is!

Philip looks pleased, I wonder why?

Possibly because Jon is forking over his last dollar!

But wait? What has happened now?

The Red Hotel of Bankruptcy!

Skeet Shoot

Unfortunately, I had to miss out on this skeet shooting expedition, but from the looks of the pictures they were having some serious fun!

"Throwers ready!"


This is where the 40D's 6.5 FPS would have been handy...

Philip, the mighty hunter, slays yet another paper target.

Monique takes the concept of pistol packin' momma to a whole new level!

How romantic. :-D

Totally digging the shades, Jon!

Good art has to have a good subject, right? And what better subject than a stack of empty 30-30 shells after some serious shooting?

Fun in the Snow

On December 24th I got off work at noon and went with the rest of the family to a hill at the local park to do some sledding. It would have been a shame not to make good use of the eight inches of snow that we had on the ground.

What's this? Cute little Aaron attacking his uncle with a snowball?

Sledding Art

Nelson built an impressive jump and then proceeded to show us all the proper way to go off it.

Philip takes it like a pro.

Serious Air

While the thrill seekers try the jump, some prefer a calmer ride.

Ben tries his hand at snowboarding.

This, my friends, is a pure, classic, beginner snowboarding pose!

Aaron contemplates the fate of his uncles...

...and decides that a trip down the hill with his daddy is the best option!


I decide it is high time to conquer the slopes for myself.

Pure Skill

One of the great things about blogging is the fact that if I don't post any pictures of me crashing no one knows that I am not perfect. ;)

Isaac, unlike me, doesn't need any help from the camera to look good.

Timothy, the world famous skier, hurls a challenge to any and all who would dare compete with him.

He descends the slope at speeds that terrify even this hardened skier.

And he takes the jump as the crowds go wild!

Olympic material for sure!