Saturday, November 8, 2008

Walks, Visitors, and Volleyball

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace. Wow, it's quiet around here right now. With eight of my siblings away at my grandparent's farm this weekend, that leaves just me and my parents here at the homestead. I feel like an only child.

Anyway, onto the pictures...

Hiking Trip # 1

Going on a walk at our local game lands.

No roof, no floor, no walls...You'd need a lot of vision to buy this house.

Sir Josiah, mighty conqueror of all he sees.

Even mighty conquerors need a coat.

No Pictures Allowed!!
Philip checks out some hikers in the distance.

"Wow, they have some really big dogs."

Josiah and Karen are having doubts about Ben's woodland navigational skills.

Relax, everything is under control.

Have you ever walked through a big woods after dark? It's interesting.

Back at the parking lot - safe and sound. :-)

Hiking Trip # 2

One Sunday, Abigail, Josiah, Isaac, and Philip went on another walk at a local game lands. The rest of us stayed home, because we were sick. :-(

Josiah's Art


Mountain Top Portrait

Time to go home.

Ohio Friends

Last weekend, some of our friends from Ohio visited us. Not only are they our friends, they also visit this blog! Nice.

Hey, let's play volleyball!

Josiah practices his over-handed serve.

The tension in the air is so thick you can almost slice it.

Looks like Josiah is ready for anything. Defeat is not an option.

There was lots of good-natured bantering going on.

My worthy opponent, Joseph. His team beat my team 3* too many times. ;-)

*Or was it 4?

Stiff competition!

Yet Another Family Learns How to Play Four-On-A-Couch

Karen explains important strategy points: "See, there are four girls on the couch right now. That's how every game should end."

Explaining the rules.

The guy's team celebrates a victory!

Folks, right now you're observing some heavyweight thinking.

While Joseph restrains a certain overactive boy, someone else has some fun with the camera. ;-)
"My mind is drawing a blank..."

Jason thinks deep thoughts.

It feels weird to be sitting next to someone and have no idea what their name is. She wasn't about to give me any hints either!

Come on, who ARE you??


Joseph and I had some great conversations.

A late night picture reviewing session.

Church Dinner

Christian Fellowship

It's tower building time!

The laws of gravity strike again.

If at once you don't succeed, try, try again.

Nobody breath or make any sudden movements...

Hiking and Photo Shoot

After church, we decided to take our visitors on a walk. But, first we must have group photo...

Getting everyone lined up...

Josiah: "Jon, move this way..."
Philip: "Hey, stop pushing!"
Scott: "Better adjust my coat, never know where this picture might end up."
Timothy: "Are we going to be done soon?"
Abigail: "I'll bet that shutter is going to click any second now..."
Karen, Christianne, Candace: "Are you guys having some trouble over there??"
Jason: "I've never had so much fun in all my life."

Group Photo, Take #1

Hmm, something looks a little off balance...

Official Group Photo

Ah, much better!
Setting out on our hike.

Returning from our hike.

Blurred Art


That's all for this week folks. Thanks for stopping by!