Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summertime Social Life

Hello everyone,
Here it is, the latest edition of Life Through a Viewfinder! This week we have pictures from two of Abigail's birthday parties (two, count 'em), working at Matt's house, and Hannah's graduation party.


Party #1

When you're little and cute, you get lots of attention.

Holding the new little one.

I'm lovin' it.

Dorothy meeting the relatives.

Volleyball Time

After supper, the world famous Cousins Volleyball League convened at the park to practice their skills.

The gals...

... and the guys.

When it got too dark for volleyball, a highly competitive game of Dutch Blitz got under way.

Rachael does the "speed dive".

Party #2

My cute, awesome sisters!

Nelson has trained his son Aaron very well, that little fellow loves ice cream!

With satisfaction written all over his face, Aaron prepares to plunge his spoon into some rich, creamy Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to end.
Time for some eXtreme Frisbee!


Moving at phantom speed.

Uh oh, inbound Frisbee, estimated 1/450 sec. until impact... will the photographer get out of the way in time???!

(BTW, if you ever thought this blog was boring, think again. Can't you just feel the drama of it all? Yeah, I know you're feeling it.)
Time to open the presents.

What better way to end the evening then a few good games of Four on the Couch?

Working at the Deamer's House

I think it's time to take break from all those party pictures and show some actual, real life work pictures, don't you agree? Good, I knew you would. Since Matt and Emily Deamer are moving to Texas soon, a lot of us have been helping them renovate their house so they can either sell or rent it.

Scott, fixing things.

The man himself, sweltering in a very hot attic, wiring up the heat exchange unit.

No, that's not an electrical spark from the wires Matt is holding, it's just Matt trying trying to scare me away with his bright flashlight. Ah, but I wasn't totally without weapons, it was my camera flash unit against his flashlight. What a battle that was!

Hannah's Graduation Party

In which we attend Hannah's graduation party.

It was quite fascinating listening to this veteran tell about his experiences while fighting in Europe during World War II. Having just visited the Holocaust museum in D.C. myself a few months ago, it was sobering to hear him tell of his visit to the Nazi concentration camps shortly after they were liberated by the Allies. In his own words: "Don't let anyone ever tell you the Holocaust didn't happen, because it did."

I hope you got some nice pictures, Kristen!
This young lady has her hands full.

Dale artistically looking at the floor. Don't get too excited anyone.

Some of Dale's awesome photography. You would not believe the amount of money we had to pay him to get permission to post this picture.

So how much do YOU know about Hannah?

This was a fun game! Each of the guest filled out a questionnaire to see how much we really knew about Hannah.

Jon wracking his brain.

Cool and collected Carmen.

The competition looks stiff from the relative's corner.
I'm afraid things aren't going very well for Ben.

The moment of truth arrives - Hannah provides the answers to all those elusive questions, thereby separating the sheep from the goats when it comes to "Hannah knowledge".

BTW, speaking of sheep, I'm still amazed I got that "sheep farmer" question right. ;-)

Actually in this case, getting a ribbon is not a good thing. In fact, it's the exact opposite of winning.
Time for cake!

While the guest were eating cake, the local bluegrass band provided entertainment.

The results of Dale getting his hands on our camera.

An up and coming musician.
Clear the deck, moved the chairs out of the way, and tune up the musical instruments folks, it's time for some country dancing!

Good, clean fun.

The Virginia Reel



Well that's all for this week folks. Thanks for visiting and we hope you have a wonderful, Christ honoring week!

God bless,
Benjamin & Josiah E.

Friday, August 8, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

Hey everyone!
Do you realize that on August 3, 2008, this blog celebrated its one year birthday? Wow, it's hard to believe it has been that long! In light of this significant milestone in blogging history, the Life Through a Viewfinder staff (that's us) wants to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to all our visitors, fans, guest photographers, commentators, and of course those who've kindly posed for our pictures. Without your support, this blog would just be empty hard drive space on a web server somewhere.

To celebrate, you'll notice that we added a Recent Post box to right side of this page. Hopefully this will help with the navigation of our ever growing mass of pictures.

Also as part of our celebration, I thought it'd be interesting to post some statistics for this blog. Over the past year we've had:

8,023 visitors.
1,480 pictures posted.
512 comments posted.
1 Bigfoot sighting.

It's been quite a year.

Thanks again everyone, and if you visit this blog but haven't said "hi" for a while, please drop us a comment. We love to hear from our readers.

Now, onto the pictures for this week....

The Machine

To fuel Josiah's interest in computer graphics, he built himself a computer that packs some serious raw power.

Smart people read directions.

Gently touching the computer's brain.

Motherboard Art
The doctor.

Screws and bolts - so little, yet absolutely indispensable to our modern society.

Is the computer going together or is Josiah falling apart?? ;-)