Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hannah's Graduation Party

In which we attend Hannah's graduation party.

It was quite fascinating listening to this veteran tell about his experiences while fighting in Europe during World War II. Having just visited the Holocaust museum in D.C. myself a few months ago, it was sobering to hear him tell of his visit to the Nazi concentration camps shortly after they were liberated by the Allies. In his own words: "Don't let anyone ever tell you the Holocaust didn't happen, because it did."

I hope you got some nice pictures, Kristen!

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Kristen Joy said...

I did, thanks. I got a good one of Jon playing his banjo, a good one of Hannah, a good one of Carmen, a good one of Dale...and so it goes.

I wish I had stepped out of the dancing to take some pictures! Oh, well. I guess I was too busy swingin' my partner to take photos. And it was so much better than CDs to dance with your live music. Thanks for playing!