Saturday, July 26, 2008

Announcing the Birth of Dorothy Alma Phero!

Josiah here with a quick announcement:
Dorothy Alma was born to Sarah and Nelson, Friday the 25th at 8:14 AM. The delivery went smoothly and the mother, baby, and relatives are all doing very well. Praise God!

Birth Certificate Art
(click on the picture for more information)

Mother and Baby

Dorothy with Uncle Josiah...

... and Uncle Ben.

HannahGrace with her new sister.
Baby Dorothy being held by her great grandmother Dorothy.

And just so we don't forget, Aaron needs his time in the spotlight too!

Aaron welcomes his new baby sister.



That is all for now folks!

God Bless,
Josiah E.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Massachusetts Trip

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. This week's post is going to be a large one. Why? Because during my family's recent trip to Massachusetts, we saw a lot of photogenic things which resulted in a lot of pictures.

We traveled to Massachusetts to attend the wedding of Jordan Niednagel and Melissa Thomas. The wedding was a medieval styled wedding and it was like none other I have ever been too. To put it briefly, it was beautiful in every way.

Also, I should mention, that even though I wrote the captions for this post, Josiah, Jonathan, and myself were all heavily involve in picture taking. It was a group effort. :-)

But enough talk, time for the pictures...

The Trip Up

Checking out a tailgater.

Having a lot of time to pass, the food in my hands suddenly became an art medium.

A spaceship?

While in Massachusetts, we stayed at the Itterman's home.
(Thanks so much Ittermans!)

Snack time! Ah, a welcome sight indeed to the road weary travelers.

While the adults socialized in their way...

... the younger boys socialized in their own special way.

Our good friend Scott was also invited to the wedding and traveled with us to MA.
(Glad you could come Scott, the trip wouldn't been the same without you!)

Ben's Abstract Art


Captions anyone?

The Wedding

I have feeling this is not going to be your average wedding.

Gently... Gently...

Unloading the might steed.

Loading the mighty knight's weapon.

After a quick repair*...

(*bracelets were all the rage back then, you know)

... the knight is ready to be admired by all.
Nobody messes with Jeff.

A monk keeps a watchful eye over the chest containing the wedding rings.

As the hour of the wedding draws near and anticipation starts to build, the media tries to get an interview with men guarding the path to bridal tent.

Faces in the Crowd

It's time for the wedding to begin!

The torches are lit.

The groomsmen stand at attention.

The photographer is ready.

The groom is ready!
Here they come!

The flower girls approach spreading flower pedals as they go.

Melissa's older brother, Michael stands at attention.

The bride approaches...
The bride in all her elegant glory.

"The father who gives her away..."


Jordan's father shares some excellent wisdom with the couple and the crowd.
Vows are exchanged.

There were human witnesses to the vows...

... and digital witnesses to the vows.

"With this ring..."