Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gettysburg Pictures... finally!

Hi everyone,
You asked for it, and we're going to give it - it's Gettysburg picture time!

Dad started the day with prayer.

The acquiring of knowledge.

On the way to Gettysburg, Mark (our tour guide) prepared us for the tour by giving us an overview of the events leading up to the battle.

We have arrived!

At our first stop, everyone piled out of the bus - a routine we would all be very familiar with by the end of the day.
On McPherson's Ridge, Mark gets right down to business.

Battlefield Art

"Back to the bus, everyone!"
Railroad Art

On top of a bridge we spotted this soldier, but he looked so serious and focused that we didn't dare interrupt him.

On a day this hot, we'll take any shade we can get!

The Monster ;-)
Culp's Hill

Ben likes this picture... do you?? ;-)

Gary demonstrating some superb relaxation technique.

Lunch Time

Jon tries out a reenactor's banjo.

The Ambush

"Take cover men! The enemy will be coming down that road in a few minutes..."

"Steady, men.... steady..."


Like father, like son.

Into the bus, everyone!

It was a hot day

The day we toured Gettysburg was a very hot day. Mid 90s, humid, hot sun... Yeah, you get the idea. It was interesting to note how various people responded to the heat....

Some got really camera shy.

Others tried to stay low and cool.

And still others lost their sense of direction entirely.

"So EAST is which way, again?"
Cemetery Ridge


It all looks so peaceful now, but back on that hot July day in 1863, this hill was an entirely different place.

The Louisiana Monument on Seminary Ridge.

Gary, our skilled and dedicated bus driver.
Here we are at the site where Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine repelled the attack of the CSA on the second day of the battle.

Looking out over Devil's Den.

Our amazing tour guide, Mark Raine. Thanks for all your hard work Mark, you did a great job! I greatly enjoyed the tour.

The Listener

Don't mess with this guy.

An impressive monument dedicated to the New York Irish Brigade.

Water stop.

Picket's Charge

"OK everyone, refill your water bottles because the next stop is... Pickett's Charge!"

It's a long way from here to The Angle.

With a firm step, Armistead leads his men forward.

"Keep moving, men!"

Like an unstoppable river, the army advances toward the photographer's position. He bravely holds his ground and furiously shoots pictures, but...

... his position is soon overrun and the picture taking is abruptly ended.
Nathanial bravely marches on.

If I remember correctly, this guy is an embedded war reporter.

Charging Art
The great advance is temporarily slowed down by a road, but only for a little while...

"For Virginia! Charge!!"

Approaching The Angle.

(Enlarge this picture by clicking on it. See the hat on the end of the sword? Pretty authentic, huh?)

What a charge that was!