Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Western Trip, Part 1

Since this blog seems to be almost over taken with dust, Isaac and I have decided to take it over for a little while, and do some posts on our trip out west with our sister Sarah and her family. We took what is known as the inner loop tour of the west which includes Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde and many others; it was simply amazing. We hope you enjoy all of the pictures, and we plan on having the rest of them up soon.


P.S. Make sure to click "older posts" to view all of part 1.

July 1: Indiana Dunes Lakeshore

Where the trees meet the sand.

The Swimming Beach

The Non-Swimming Beach

Typical Tourists

Aaron struggles up a shifting sand dune.

Chicago Rush Hour Traffic

July 2: Spam Museum & South Dakota

"I wonder what's inside?"

The mighty Mississippi barges.


The Spam Museum located in Austin, Minnesota

Aaron the factory worker.

South Dakota
Great Faces, Great Places

July 3: Ingalls Homestead & Corn Pallace

"The Worlds Only Corn Palace"

Good thing Dorothy doesn't read yet.

All of the decorations are done with cobs of corn.

This was the last good picture that I took before I was informed
"No Pictures!"

A typical school house, similar to one that Laura taught in.

Typical tourists who cant read a map.

The Wide Open Prairie

It was windy out there!

As you can see, we decided to change our form
of transportation along the way.

Mount Rushmore or Bust!

Minimum Maintenance: Drive at Your Own Risk

(That is actually what the sign said.)

July 4: Badlands National Park

A morning walk beside the Missouri river.

Prairie Dog

Badlands, SD


Looks like he may have been bitten by one!

A lost child in the desolate waste.

One of the few life forms: buffalo grass.

Happy Fourth of July!

July 5: Badlands & Mount Rushmore

Morning Drink

The starting point of our hike.

The Exploration Team

Where the Badlands meet the prairie.

Wall Drug

We finally made it!


Mount Rushmore after the rain.

July 6: Custer State Park & Wind Cave

The American Bison

The Pronghorn of the Prairie

We saw a total of around 200
of these on our trip.


The Needles in Custer State Park

In the clouds.

The Eye of The Needle

The Natural Entrance of Wind Cave.
The Cave That "Breathes"

Wind Cave is home to the largest concentration of
boxwork formations in the World.

July 7: Devils Tower & Little Bighorn Battlefield


Devils Tower Looms in the Distance


Isaac "conquers" Devils Tower

The View from the Base of Devils Tower

The view from the hill on which the battle of the
Little Bighorn was fought.

Custer's Last Stand

Prairie Cone Flower