Friday, May 30, 2008

Live update from Witherspoon

Hello all,

We are at the beginning of our last full day here. Unfortunately we were unable to update yesterday, but with breakfast starting at 7:00 AM, lectures going until at 9:00-9:30 PM, and returning to your room after long discussions at 12:00, updating isn't as easy as it sounds!

Every morning we start the day with singing, good, manly songs like Chester and A Mighty Fortress is our God.

The Crowd

Sometimes a little technical assistance is required.

Kevin (Director of conferences for VF) keeps the show running smoothly.
As can be expected this conference has many great speakers including...
Jordan Lorence, Esq.

William Einwechter

Col. John Eidsmoe

Josh Carden, Esq.

Jerome Corsi

This man gave a fascinating speech on the North American Free Trade Agreement, to find out more check out This website.
Laptops are in high demand at an event like this.


It looks like all of those lectures is going to Scott's head. ;-)

Judge Roy Moore

Wednesday evening we were blessed by a visit from former Chief Justice Roy Moore.

After a special reception with many books being signed, Roy Moore gave a great speech on the battle that is before us.

Isaac, Jonathan, Roy Moore, and I have our picture taken.
Some random Witherspoon pictures:

Judge Moore signs diplomas late into the night.

"Great discussion guys, but it is 12:00 and we really don't have time to deal with the Federal Reserve!"

(Note this is not at all exaggerated ;-)


Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Josiah & Benjamin

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live From Witherspoon - Tuesday

Hi everyone!
I'm blogging LIVE from the Vision Forum Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy. It's only a few minutes until breakfast time, so I'll have to make this quick.

We arrived at Witherspoon at about 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. After checking in...

Josiah struggles with one of the most challenging parts of these types of events: Assembling the name tags! Say what? You mean everyone else doesn't get tangled up in all that string, paper, plastic? You mean it's just us??!

Double checking to make sure the right name got attached to the right person.
Uh oh, where is our room??

The accommodations. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

This is going to be a full week. Just look at the size of that notebook!

Pre-conference socializing.

Scott borrows my computer to check important stuff.

The Visionaries

The Dreamer
Take my word for it, they are more friendly then they look.

Nighttime Art



That's all I have for right now. I'll try to post more pictures as the week progresses, so check back later if you're interested. Now, off to breakfast....


Saturday, May 24, 2008

I believe a post is due...

Hello everyone,
This week we're going to do a really short post. Two pictures, to be exact. It's been a busy week for Josiah and I. Josiah has been busy with "stuff" and I've been programming like crazy trying to finish up a client's project before I leave for Witherspoon next week. I'll be glad when this programming project is done, because staying at my office until 7-8 pm is getting old real quick. ;-)

Of course, some people might whisper that the real reason we didn't do a large blog post today is because we were running around our community going to yardsales! Well, I do admit, there is some truth to those rumors, because in fact we boys did go to about 10 yardsales today, but hey, it is Memorial Day weekend after all. But, just so you don't get bored by reading all this text, here are some pictures...

The thriving local economy.

Amidst whizzing cars, Josiah carts off his big find of the day. Ask him about it sometime...


Everyone who lives in Lancaster County is quite familiar with the large number of yardsales that occur here every summer. But I'm curious, do other areas of the USA have a lot of yardsales too? I know this blog has a number of visitors from other states, so maybe some of our out-of-state visitors could chime in and share some observations about the yardsales in their areas. Thoughts anyone?


I hope you all have a great week and please don't forget to remember those who have sacrificed to give us the freedoms we enjoy today in our beloved country, the United States of America. Let them be an example to us all.

God bless,
Benjamin E.

Josiah and I might do some live blogging from the VF Witherspoon School of Law next week, so please check back if you're interested.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A BIG Blog Update

Hi everyone!
Yes, it spite of the rumors floating around, this blog is in fact still alive... sort of. Josiah and I have just been busy with "other stuff" (more on that later). We have a lot to cover this week, so let's get started.



Cute girl + cute kid = cute picture (clever, huh?)



Why would anyone want to hold goats when they could have a boxing match?

Hmm... that looks interesting.
A man-to-man discussion on boxing just might fit the bill.

Aaron critically eyes his uncle's recent yard sale purchase. You never know what you might find at a yard sale. :-)

"Just try and take me on!"

Let's show mommy!

Satisfaction - a baby's first ice cream cone


Uh Oh...

A few weeks ago, my Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) died, or in geek terminology, became "bricked". Not willing to let my investment go down the drain, I decided to see if I could fix it. Don't try this at home.

In case you always wondered what a PDA looks like inside, wonder no more.

Ah ha! I found the problem. PDAs have a ON/OFF switch which allows you to disable all input devices on the PDA. This switch had malfunction causing the screen and all the buttons on the PDA to become inoperable. And of course, if the buttons and screen don't work, nothing works.

My solution? IF IT DOESN'T WORK, REMOVE IT. As you can see by those loose bits of metal and plastic on laying on the table, that's one switch which will never trouble me again. :-)

After reassembling the whole thing (there were no screws left over), I pressed the POWER button... and... it worked!