Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live From Witherspoon - Tuesday

Hi everyone!
I'm blogging LIVE from the Vision Forum Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy. It's only a few minutes until breakfast time, so I'll have to make this quick.

We arrived at Witherspoon at about 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. After checking in...

Josiah struggles with one of the most challenging parts of these types of events: Assembling the name tags! Say what? You mean everyone else doesn't get tangled up in all that string, paper, plastic? You mean it's just us??!

Double checking to make sure the right name got attached to the right person.


Abigail said...

I like the picture of double checking the name tags. Wouldn't it be awful if you walked around all week with someone else's name tag? :-D

Jonathan said...

Actually, one time during the week I found someone else during breakfast wearing my name tag! So, follow our example and never forget to check your name tag!