Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to Texas

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my updated-every-once-in-a-while blog. Life has been quite busy and full since my last post. Right now, I'm at a camp in the beautiful countryside of Tennessee. I'm here for New Venture Lab's week long entrepreneur training academy.

If you think of it, I'd really appreciate your prayers this week. I'm sure it's going to be like drinking from a fire hydrant. I'm really excited about it though!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Take care and God bless,

2009 Texas Trip

Early Friday morning, the Great Road Trip of 2009 started in grand style with much pushing, pulling, and huffing as we tried to fit our luggage into the my little Honda.

After a smooth day of travel, we stopped for the night at the Carpenter's home in Franklin, TN.


Talking about life.

Any guesses which side of the Mason Dixon Line this family favors?

Shhhhhhh... Better not let anyone see that belt you have on. *

* DISCLAIMER: Shad's belt doesn't represent his political views. It's just a quality belt he got a good deal on.

After a very delicious breakfast Saturday morning, we said our goodbyes and hit the road again. Next stop: Kaufman, TX.


Moore's House

We arrived at the Moore Family's home Saturday evening.

Pizza, antioxidant vitamin drinks, Christian fellowship, and intellectually stimulating conversation... what a great time we had that evening!

Man's best friend.

The cooling fans on Jon's extreme video editing computer.

Last minute changes.

Yes, he is actually working on the Blu-Ray copy of The Widow's Might that was showed at the festival.

Film Academy

We're finally here!

Getting acclimated to our name tags and notebooks.

Catching up with friends we haven't seen in a while.

Making some new friends.

Two of the talented and knowledgeable teachers at the academy.



Cameras everywhere!

All cameras are not created equal.

Places to go and things to do.

Parking Garage Photo Shoot

A few of the days we packed a lunch to save time and money. And what better place to eat in a city then on top of a parking garage? That security camera was a little awkward though....

Camera angles: Some make you look huge...

... and others make you look tiny.

Puddle Art

Stunts and Interviews

One of the most unique lectures I've ever seen was the one Jimmy Broyden did on performing movie stunts.

Protect your spine. You only get one of them, you know.

The nerve of that guy...

... don't worry, Mr. Broyden will put him in his place!

Scott and Shad did a bunch of interviews that week.
Check out their website at

One of the highlights of my trip to TX was meeting Stephen Kendrick, co-writer and producer of Fireproof and Facing the Giants. His strong testimony of a simple faith in God is an inspiring example to us all.
Enjoying a delicious Tex-Mex supper with the makers of The Widow's Might.


The mastermind behind

Talking about important things. (I assume)

Panel discussion with the filmmakers who had feature films in the SAICFF.

Yes, we all had a great time at the Film Maker's Academy. Even though I'm not a filmmaker, I had a wonderful time listening to all the thought provoking lectures and meeting lots of new and interesting people.

City Art

On this trip, I rapidly came to appreciate the quality of my new Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L lens. What an amazing piece of equipment!

I took two pictures of the famous San Antonio tower, but couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so I posted both of them. Opinions anyone?

Cities looks so much neater at night...

... see what I mean?

Trying out one of the basic heuristics (rules of thumb) of photography: Use strong lines.

Doesn't this picture make you feel dizzy?

I took it from the roof of a parking garage. And yes, the camera strap was FIRMLY around my neck. ;-)

1:00 a.m
Very tired... must have sleep...

Visiting the Alamo

Have some free time Thursday morning, we decided to do some sightseeing downtown. But to do that, we first had to navigate the wild freeways of San Antonio.


Some people think they own the road.

Must be having a bad morning...
Note: this guy goes to our church ;-)

Wish you were here.

Helping out some fellow tourist. We tourist have to hang together, you know.

The Lone Star state.