Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Belated Blog Post

Hello everyone!

Welcome aboard the Life Through a Viewfinder blog. I hope you enjoy your stay, please keep your keyboard and mouse inside the browser at all times. Comments are welcome...

P.S. Check out the special extended edition of the The Great Hunt Ends. ;-)

The Move

The new house.

"Right this way..."

"I hate to be the one to tell you, but that goes to the attic."


"You don't believe me??" ;-)
"I'm going to have to talk to my son about all the stuff he has!"

Dale lends a helping... finger?
"There it goes... the mammoth exercise machine."

A FBI agent?

When one has an exercise machine this big teetering over them, one wrong move could be very unfortunate.

"Hey Ben, would you mind holding that pose while I take a picture?"

The U.S.M.C. directs the operation.
"If I find so much as one scratch on my exercise machine...."

The excitement of moving!

"Is that my dad making all that noise up there?"
"The accommodations around here are terrible!"

The Shadow

The Shadow Maker


Oops, missed that one!

If at once you don't succeed, try, try again.


"Way to go, buddy!"

Safe Time

Unearthing a Behemoth.

Make ready the truck!

"Are you ready?"

"Watch your corner!"
"Tighten it up there!"
"It's slipping!!!!"


P.S. No humans were hurt in the production of this post.

Church Building Maintenence

On the way home from helping with the move, Josiah and Ben stopped at the church building to repair a light socket.

Question: Does the black wire go to the silver screw or the gold one??

A job well done.

Dale's Art

A narrow view of life?

Demolition Derby anyone?

The practical hood latch. :-)

Benjamin's Art

Approaching the castle gate....


The three sentries.

Josiah's Art

Waiting for it's time.

Dark clouds from Mordor?


Have a great week and God bless!
Josiah and Benjamin

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Great Hunting Trip

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Life Through a Viewfinder! This week, we decided to post pictures from our recent deer hunt on our grandfather's farm. Even though we didn't bring any deer back from our hunt, we made sure to bring back some pictures to share with our loyal and much appreciated blog readers. :-)

So please sit back, enjoy the pictures, check out the special hunting challenge, and comment if you like (or don't like!) what you see.

Before the hunt...

The Saturday before Opening Day, we went to our grandmother's home for supper. Of course the hunters quickly formed a group and started talking about deer hunting.

Ben checking out Nathan's "meat provider". A 12-gauge slug gun with a retractable stock.

The One That Got Away

While Ben and Jon work on planning our Monday morning hunting locations, Josiah busily takes pictures. Yes, we make a good team. :-)

The Hunt Begins

On Monday morning we woke up at around 5 a.m. to a dark, cold, and wet morning... Remember everyone, this IS fun!

Lock and Load

The hunter is ready to sally forth...
My view of the world on Monday morning.

You know, they say that war is "long periods of boredom interspersed with short periods of intense excitement". I think that description fits hunting as well. :-)

Sitting in the woods by yourself certainly gives you a lot of time to think about life. It's amazing how helpful it can be to just have a few hours by yourself to think.

After staring at this plant for a few hours, I decided to take a picture of it. :-)
Still no deer...

I saw an amazing amount of squirrels that morning. They were everywhere! One squirrel even started climbing down the tree I was sitting against. He got within 10 feet of the ground before he saw a strange lump sitting at the base of the tree. This "lump" was very displeasing to him and he heaped a lot of verbal abuse on me before I finally got tired of it and made a sharp sound with my mouth. When he heard that, he apparently remember that if you are going to pick a fight, it should NOT be with someone many times your size. So he turned tail and ran away as fast as he could go.

As I looked for deer and watched squirrels run up and down the trees, I suddenly got the feeling that I was being watched by unfriendly eyes. My eyes narrowed as I gripped my gun tighter and slowly scanned the woods looking for who it was that was watching me....

Ah ha! I was right. There was somebody watching me.

Just remember everyone, that whenever you are in the woods, there's almost always something watching you.

Can You See The Deer?

Now it's your turn! Please turn on your speakers, click on the picture, and see if YOU can spot the deer. Yes, you may pull the trigger even if you don't have a license. :-)


So how did you make out?