Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can You See The Deer?

Now it's your turn! Please turn on your speakers, click on the picture, and see if YOU can spot the deer. Yes, you may pull the trigger even if you don't have a license. :-)


So how did you make out?


Kristen Joy said...

Hey, that is neat! I got him. Actually, I could not have sworn that I was NOT aiming at a rock, but it turned out it was the deer...

Don't worry--I won't be any competition. I have ab-so-lute-ly no desire to go hunting!

If you do, more power to you!

Mr. D said...

Ha! I found it! So... Ben? How did you make that?

Josiah E. said...

Thanks! I am glad you found him, I was worried that the deer might be a little too hard to spot. Of course you could just click all over the place until you found it ;-).

Just as a note, all you were able to see was the rump and tail of the deer, so it doesn't look all that different from a brown rock!

Actually I made it Dale ;-). I will skype you and explain it.

Carmen said...

So, how DID I make out? Well, since you ask, I will tell you, though it isn't very flattering.

For several minutes I fruitlessly tried to find something that resembled a deer or part of a deer. Then Mom looked over my shoulder and asked what I was trying to do. I explained, "The object is to spot a deer or his head or ears or... something." After only a few moments, Mom pointed out to me an object that I admitted must be the deer. Satisfied that she had found the deer, she walked away before I had even fired a shot. As soon as she was gone, what do you think happened? I lost sight of that elusive deer! I knew the general area though, and so after two misses, I finally nailed it. It's easy to see who is the better hunter: Mom or I. (Mom actually has gone hunting already, but she never got anything.)

Anyway, Josiah, good work! I suppose you knew the game would be a viewer-favorite.

One of Thy Sisters ;-) said...

Impressive, Josiah, very impressive!! My brother is a genius. :-)

I got the deer. Now none of you guys can say that I didn't go hunting this year. ;-) This is the way to do it--it's much better than becoming a human snow drift! :-P

hannah said...

I got it! I got it! First try! "It" said I might make a good hunter yet! lol! Not that I would ever want to, that is. ;-) So how DID you make that, Jo?

Benjamin E. said...

I have ab-so-lute-ly no desire to go hunting! - LOL, we g-e-t your point!

Wow, it sounds like your deer hunt turned out to be quite an adventure. I must say though that on this blog we do frown on the practice of spraying bullets at the area you think the deer is and hoping that one of them will hit. Tsk... Tsk... ;-)

Josiah made this little hunting "simulation" with an animation program called Macromedia Flash. Basically the way he did it was to layer two pictures on top of each other, one regular size, and one zoomed in. The only part of the zoomed in picture that is visible, is the part being displayed in the scope. When you fire the gun, Josiah wrote some code to check if your crosshairs were pointing at the area where the deer is hidden. If the cross hairs are pointing at the deer, a hit is recorded and the success screen is displayed. If you missed, the words "Miss" are display and the game continues.

hannah said...

Cool... :-)

therhyzuly said...

I got it first try too! It was hard to spot at first but after scanning for a little while I found it. That is really neat Josiah! you are a genius! Have great week! God bless!
Jonathan Lueken