Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nephews & Nieces!

Greetings Faithful Readers,

Due to the fact I have been quite sick the last few days I decided to do a simple post this week. Last Sunday we had dinner with my BIL Nelson and sister Sarah, and our friends Becky & Bill from TN. After we were done eating we went out to the back patio and since it was such a beautiful afternoon I couldn't help but take a ton of pictures of my youngest nephew and niece, Aaron and Dorothy.

I hope you enjoy the results!

Uh, I guess Nathanael must want his picture taken as well!

"Is this how you do a pushup, Uncle Jon?"

But then again, why bother learning how to do a pushup when you can just get Uncle Isaac to carry you around?

It always amazes me just how much little ones like being held (or in this case swung) upside down!

Yes, the watermark is correct, this picture was taken by Aaron. I was of course holding the camera but he adjusted the zoom to where he wanted it and he pushed the shutter button.
Brother & Sister

Dorothy Contemplates Life


"Ok, enough pictures, let's have some fun!"

While Aaron enjoys a properly wild ride which includes quite a few full speed collisions with the wall...

...Dorothy prefers to spend her time in the quieter pursuit of botanical studies.


Dorothy and the Cat

After a long time of fruitless chasing, Dorothy finally manages to catch one of the cats.

Sadly the act of picking up such a heavy object upsets her delicate state of balance and cat and girl go rolling.

Dorothy stalks the cat again.

"Hmm, he looks safe enough..."

"Nice Kitty"

"Now if I can just get a good grip."


I will leave you with this picture of Aaron with two of his favorite things, hot chocolate (with a marshmallow of course) and a kitty cat.


God Bless,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Noor Family's Move

Greetings Loyal Blog Readers,

I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted, but frankly blogging is not my is! j/k

To tell the truth, I have not had a whole lot of pictures or events in the last month that I felt particularly compelled to post about, and of course the same old, same old, "I have been crazy busy this month" still applies. Well, the moment you have all been waiting for with bated breath has arrived, I have decided that I like all of you just enough to do another post and believe me, if you like pictures this is a post for you! Hmm, I just remembered that nobody even reads my captions anyway since they only come here for the pictures so I will just say that I hope this post's 77 pictures are enough for you!

One more thing, I just saw this on Doug's Blog and it reminded me so much of the way my Dad always read us stories, with added sound effects and accents, that I want to share it in honor of my father. My father is not only a great preacher and scholar of God's Word but is also a great Dad who always took the time to read us stories of faith and heroism in such a way that fired our imaginations and inspired us to do great deeds for our Heavenly Father.

So It Begins...

Abigail brings her skill to bear in making sure the doormats are as clean as possible before they are loaded on the truck.

David and I take the last piece of furniture out.

Pack it in tight, there is much more to come!

"All right that's a wrap, on to the next location!"

Yes, there is another location, if there wasn't this would have been a very easy blog post instead of one of the hardest I have ever done! :)
The weather was simply perfect, clear, sunny, and just warm enough to make working in the truck with t-shirts comfortable!

"Wait, you mean all of this has to go?"

"I am afraid so!"

"Well, let's get on with it!"

Philip gives a speech on why every young man should carry a good Leatherman with him at all times.
Thankfully we had plenty of advisers in case anyone started to feel even slightly directionless. :)

"You see that brown shelf?"
"The kind of tan one?"
"No, didn't you hear me? I said the brown one!"

I think this picture speaks for itself. :)

The moving day equivalent of an armchair expert.
"You know guys, that table under everything in the front is actually wasting a few inches of space. Don't you think you should try to pack more efficiently?"

More timely direction is clearly being given, though one does wonder why everyone looks so confused.

Whatever may happen at least the day was recorded for posterity...

... from every angle.
David and I demonstrate the contorted positions required when packing.

"Oh, wait, don't we still have to figure out where..."

"...the chairs go?!?!?"

If you have never packed a truck just trust me when I say that chairs are the hardest and most discouraging items to pack. They take up a large amount of room and still manage to leave all types of gaps that cannot be properly filled. On top of that, they tend to be fragile and need lots of padding.

Much discussion and thought is required when figuring out the best way to place these banes of packers everywhere.

Finally a solution is discovered and work can continue. No, we aren't packing anyone into the truck. ;)

My view for the day.

Portrait Time!

No matter how busy you are, there is always time for a few portraits...

...until the photographer is told politely that their presence is not required, that is. :)
Ok, enough photography, let's get back to work!

Yes, that "C-15" means something very important.

So how many people does it take to put one shelf into place?

Not a single space can be left, we are "packing" a truck after all.

Daniel explains why it took so many people to put the shelf in place to a rather dubious listener.