Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brother & Sister

Dorothy Contemplates Life


"Ok, enough pictures, let's have some fun!"

While Aaron enjoys a properly wild ride which includes quite a few full speed collisions with the wall...

...Dorothy prefers to spend her time in the quieter pursuit of botanical studies.



Abigail said...

Great portraits of Aaron and Dorothy, Josiah! So cute...and I couldn't be biased. ;-)

Hannah Lashbrook said...

All of the above pictures of Dorothy and Aaron are too, too, cute! They each remind me of a little girl and a little boy that I used to babysit (and became quite attached to). Is Aaron as mischievous as he looks? You are very good at portrait pictures, Josiah!

Josiah E. said...

Thank you Abigail and Hannah! I was quite pleased with how some of these pictures came out though I will be honest, I did have to take about 200 pictures just to get the ones you see here.

Yes, Aaron is at least as mischievous as he looks! :)