Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nephews & Nieces!

Greetings Faithful Readers,

Due to the fact I have been quite sick the last few days I decided to do a simple post this week. Last Sunday we had dinner with my BIL Nelson and sister Sarah, and our friends Becky & Bill from TN. After we were done eating we went out to the back patio and since it was such a beautiful afternoon I couldn't help but take a ton of pictures of my youngest nephew and niece, Aaron and Dorothy.

I hope you enjoy the results!


Benjamin E. said...

These are some really nice pictures Josiah! Your photography skills are steadily improving.

I wonder if Dorothy and Aaron will even recognize me when I get home. :-)


Hannah Lashbrook said...

All right, Josiah; I shall do my best to leave interesting comments on your blog.....

are Hannah Grace and Nathanael the children of your friends? The picture of Nathanael and Hannah reminds me of our brother when he was younger.... it was simply impossible for him to see others getting their picture taken without putting his beaming face in the foreground!

Josiah E. said...

Thanks Ben! I could probably say the same about your photography if you would send us some pictures. ;)

You know Ben, I am really not sure, Aaron persists in calling everyone, including me, "Ben" so he may not recognize you as the "real deal" when he actually sees you!

Thank you Hannah, I like comments and interesting comments are even better!:)

I am sorry Hannah, HannahGrace and Nathaniel are also my niece and nephew by Sarah's marriage to Nelson, Aaron & Dorothy are Sarah's children and my youngest niece and nephew.

Well it sounds as if your brother and Nathaniel are very similar since Nathaniel almost knocked HannahGrace over so he could be in the picture. :)