Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Successful Hunt

What else does winter bring? Why Whitetail Deer season of course! Members of our family have faithfully headed out to the woods every deer season for the last 11 years and we have had our share of successes. This year, however, Isaac topped us all with this beautiful 8 point buck, taken 45 minutes after starting time on opening day.

For those of you who are interested:
The spread is 16" and the longest tine is 9" putting the score at 125 B/C points. The approximate live weight was 180 lbs., and we got 75 lbs. of meat off of this beast!

Jonathan with his first antlered buck, taken the same day, and his lovely wife of 4 months. It has been a big year for him!

Congratulations to both of my brothers!


God Bless,



Jason D. said...

Beautiful, Issac! Congrats on a great buck!

Jonathan, same to you! Glad you could fill your freezer a bit! :)

Anonymous said...

Awsome buck Issac. Glad you finally got a big one

Josiah S.

Jonathan Einwechter said...

I really had a good year. I got my first buck and my first "dear"! The Lord's good!
Thanks for posting both photos, Josiah.

Isaac E said...

Thanks, Jason & Josiah! Yes Josiah, I "finally got a big one," or it could be said, "I actually got an antlered deer."

Anonymous said...

I don't see an ear tag. (Smiles viscously.:)