Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow!!

Winter has officially arrived!

And what does winter bring?

Why snowballs of course! I don't know, she looks a little guilty to me...

..and why is she smiling?... could it be because of the snow or it could be because...

...she is planning her attack!

What could be more classic?

"Hey, who is that guy taking pictures of us?"

"Down with all photographers!!"

Yes, we do actually burn trash when it is snowing, and no, those aren't sparks flying through the air.


Rohirrim Maiden said...

I love that first picture you took, Josiah, of the snowy landscape.... you can just feel the awesome silence. And the last picture of your trash burning looks like it came out of some Medieval movie where the besiegers of a city have built a fire to keep warm!

Hannah Lashbrook

Jonathan Einwechter said...

That's a cool photo of the fire! I like it.
Also, the photo of Timothy trudging up the hill is just SO classic! I remember those days...