Thursday, December 13, 2007

Before the hunt...

The Saturday before Opening Day, we went to our grandmother's home for supper. Of course the hunters quickly formed a group and started talking about deer hunting.

Ben checking out Nathan's "meat provider". A 12-gauge slug gun with a retractable stock.

The One That Got Away

While Ben and Jon work on planning our Monday morning hunting locations, Josiah busily takes pictures. Yes, we make a good team. :-)


Kristen Joy said...

"The One that Got Away"...That is a great picture. I can almost hear the story.

There is always one that got away, isn't there? I s'pose even Daniel Boone had one of those stories to tell.

Josiah E. said...

LOL, I am sure you have heard quite a few!

Yes, I am sure Daniel Boone had many, "the one that got away" stories. Especially at that time, with such low hunting pressure, and minimal human habitation, I am sure there was some monster deer around!