Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working at the Deamer's House

I think it's time to take break from all those party pictures and show some actual, real life work pictures, don't you agree? Good, I knew you would. Since Matt and Emily Deamer are moving to Texas soon, a lot of us have been helping them renovate their house so they can either sell or rent it.

Scott, fixing things.

The man himself, sweltering in a very hot attic, wiring up the heat exchange unit.

No, that's not an electrical spark from the wires Matt is holding, it's just Matt trying trying to scare me away with his bright flashlight. Ah, but I wasn't totally without weapons, it was my camera flash unit against his flashlight. What a battle that was!

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Scott Eash said...

Scott, fixing things.

Is that really newsworthy? ;-)