Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hiking Trip # 1

Going on a walk at our local game lands.

No roof, no floor, no walls...You'd need a lot of vision to buy this house.

Sir Josiah, mighty conqueror of all he sees.

Even mighty conquerors need a coat.

No Pictures Allowed!!


Kristen Joy said...

Does that foundation have a--um--film appearance, by any chance?

Seems to me it looks familiar...

Benjamin E. said...

Kristen, your memory serves you well, but did you really have to remind us of that film?

I know there's a first time for everything, but that film is one I'm hoping will fade from everyone's memory. ;-)

Kristen Joy said...

Now Ben...

I personally think that it was an honorable first try. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I've seen a lot worse beginner films.

But I will try to forget it if it would make you feel better. :-)

Michaelmthomas said...

Vision ... vision Ben. I'm SOLD. I will talk to my fiance directly. That house has so much potential. It can only get better! What's your price sir?