Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Night

Welcome folks, to the 2nd IFRC family night!

"Daddy, what's a train?"

Joshua and Nelson play "Dueling Spoons". Sounds kind of like "Dueling Banjos", but with a slightly metallic twist.

Waving to the fans. ;-)

Nelson and Joshua decided to pass their knowledge on to a few...

... Students!

Playing spoons isn't hard, you just need to coordinate your brain, wrist, and fingers. Oh yeah, and it helps to have a sense of rhythm.

Look at them go!


Abigail said...

They were really getting into those spoons! The spoons have such a neat sound if a bit on the interesting side when it comes to the idea. :-)

Karen said...

The playing of the spoons was definitely a hit that night. :-)