Tuesday, October 6, 2009

But wait, what is this?

Yet another marauder darts out from his hiding place.

He may be smiling but in his heart he is determined to kidnap one of the ladies on our boat!

Thankfully it is Monique's husband so no duels to the death needed to be fought on the high seas.

Before we part ways I wanted to explain the somewhat limited scope of these photos. This is due to the fact that I only took my camera out on the rowboat and used it sparingly and as such these are almost all the pictures I took that are worth keeping.

I also want to publicly thank Philip & Chelsea for working so hard to protect my camera that even though we all came back soaked to the skin my camera barely got wet. :)


Abigail said...

After evading and even harnessing the strength of various and sundry other individuals on the high seas, yet another marauder darts from his hiding spot to make his appearance and strike terror in the hearts of all faithful and calm sailors. But wait, have no fear! The occupants of this boat have fully shown their ability to hold up their end of things in a battle on the seas. And as it is, the marauder is more peaceful than he first appears.... :-)

Abigail said...

Good job protecting the camera, Chelsea and Philip! We are indebted to you.