Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boating with the Eashs & Karlbergs

And here they are, the pictures you have been waiting for with baited breath are revealed!

Isaac experiences the speed and maneuverability of a kayak for the first time.

Meanwhile, the rowboat with Monique, Chelsea, Philip, & myself sets out with Philip rowing. For some reason having two navigators giving him conflicting information seemed to be rather confusing for Philip.

Philip: "Wait, you said pull right?"
Josiah: "Yes, pull on the oar to my right."
Chelsea: "Never mind him, Philip, just pull on the one I point to."

Finally we got it mostly sorted out and proceeded to cross the lake in a beautiful zig-zag pattern with I think a few periods of moving sideways thrown in to mix it up a little. I know you are all gasping in amazement at such skill but it is true, we did manage to go mostly sideways at times. :)

Notice how much Monique seems to be enjoying Philip's labors?

Jon laughs at our attempts at navigation while he paddles circles around us in his kayak.

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