Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Quick Post...

Good Evening,

Winter has arrived! As I write this the snow is softly falling outside, slowly adding to the 2" that has accumulated throughout the day. Since this is the first snow of the season and I am short on time I decided to just post some pictures from today. I know a lot of you are wanting to see pictures from some of the events you have been at but at this point I am just too busy. The only consolation I can offer is that you can head over to Carmen's blog and about halfway down the page you will find an excellent post on a trip we took to Cabelas. Yes, I will admit, in print, that Carmen is a much more faithful blogger then myself. What can I say? She posts at least twice to everyone of mine, hence, the reason why I am linking to her blog instead of actually posting myself. :)

That said, I will be attending the Sufficiency of Scripture conference with my family at the end of next week so no blog post. Oh, BTW, if you read this blog and are also attending the conference please leave me a comment and maybe we can meet up.


Jason D. said...

Hey...I will be at the SOS conference as well. See you there!

Carmen M. said...

I owe much to your links - perhaps more than you realize.