Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Pictures from Witherspoon

Hi everyone!
I hope all is well with you. This week, we're going to do our third and final post of pictures from the 2008 Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy.

Lord willing, next blog post we'll move on to a new subject.



Carmen said...

So, you are back to "dead blogging." (By the way, it was not I who wrote that comment.)

Abigail said...

Good job covering the conference, guys!

It'll be great when you have time to do an update on more recent happenings. I guess we'll all have to practice patience in this. After all, good things come to those who wait. :-)

still a faithful viewer of the blog ;-) said...

Ben, you guys need more pics of Aaron on here!! He hasn't been on here for soo long!! But I loved his last pics of his first icecream cone though :-) Keep up the good work!