Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greek and Baseball - quite a mixture to be sure!

"And now Ladies and Gents, four boys and four girls will face off in the match of the Century: The Turkey Hill Ice Cream Eating Contest!"

Wow, look at them go!
(I wonder if anyone got a headache from that?)

I am at a loss for words... suggestions anyone?

And thus ends a great night and a great ball game.

The final score was:

Barnstormers: 3

Bluefish: 11

Even though the Barnstormer's had the complete support of the fans and despite the fact that they had a few spectacular plays, the Bluefish still reigned supreme.


God Bless,



Carmen said...

I really am not trying to find fault, but I just was surprised to see what you listed the end score as. I could be wrong (and it isn't very important), but I thought that it was 3 to 8, in favor of the Bluefish of course. Now I know, if indeed you do have it wrong, that it could not have been purposely done, as your loyalties are to the home team. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweetness maybe? Isn't that what Mr. calls him?

Abigail said...

Great post, Josiah! You did a very good job covering the Memorial Day celebration and the ball game.

Oh, take me out to the ball game, oh, take me out to the field! ;-)