Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ever wonder who visits this blog?

Friend, talented pianist, scrapbooker, photographer, regular visitor and commenter on Life Through a Viewfinder, and many other skills too numerous to mention.


From the Life Through a Viewfinder staff,

Thank you Carmen for your support of this blog!


Carmen said...

I feel it a great honor to have my profile on your blog, even if my accomplishments were exaggerated. "Skills too numerous to mention" indeed -- I let out a spontaneous grunt of disagreement when I read that.

As to my supporting your blog, that is quite easy with such an interesting blog as yours! I will continue my whole-hearted support as long as the threats to shut down the blog do not come up too frequently.

Abigail said...

Congratulations, Carmen! You have been featured on this blog! :-) I feel sure that you have many more skills than were mentioned in this list. :-)

Karen said...

I like the "Ever wonder who visits this blog?" feature you all have. Keep it up!

I enjoy reading your comments, Carmen. ;-) Nice picture of you. And you are a skilled girl. :-)