Saturday, May 3, 2008

Comparison time... again.

Let's try this again. While waiting for our food, Josiah and I each took pictures of our place setting. So which one is better? Or, are both of them no good? Or, are both awesome?

You be the judge.




Kristen Joy said...

I like Ben's better. I suppose Josiah doesn't like any DRINK with his dinner?

philip e said...

I like Josiah's for what a place setting normally looks like in real life. But I like Ben's for how it was set up.Personally though I like both.

Abigail said...

Hmm, Ben's is more artistically arranged to my way of thinking. But Josiah's has a unique framing of the quote, with the silverware and napkin, that draws in the eye. I think I'll go with Ben's right now. :-) However, the picture that I really like is the one of the food.... :-P