Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visit with the Harris Family

Karen adds New York Bronx driving to her list of experiences.

At around 3:30 p.m., we arrived at the Harris family's home in New Hampshire. Nice place, huh?

I slept all by myself in this beautiful room Friday night. And yes, it was hard to decide which bed to sleep in. My poor brain isn't used to making such decisions. :-)

Breakfast time!


Scott Eash said...

The Bronx! What fun! (Not really) I thought driving through Austin, TX was pretty bad. How about Atlanta, during rush hour? But maybe the Bronx is worse. Who am I to know about such things?

Two beds? Knowing you, Ben, I'm sure you picked the one closest to the computer.

Benjamin E. said...

"the one closest to the computer"??

Scott, you amaze me. :-) Honestly, I didn't even think of that!

Josiah E. said...

Scott, that is an uncanny level of perception! Think of it, you hit upon Ben's subconscious reason for his choice. You have discovered the reason, despite the fact that the subject in question did not even know the own state of his mind!

Scott, unless you quickly turn from your current career course you will undoubtedly miss the calling that you were born for: Phsycology!

Scott Eash said...

Well, Josiah, I'd say you are suffering from a mild case of jealousy at my "uncanny level of perception."

Don't worry. The first one is free.

Karen said...


Driving through the Bronx is something I won't forget anytime soon with its heavy traffic, cars constantly changing lanes and cutting right in front of us, and a horn happy lady behind us. It was definately the most challenging driving experience I've had. But I would do it again if I needed to.
As to how it compares to driving through Austin or Atlanta, I can't tell you. You have me there. :-)

Joshua Harris said...

Believe it or not, Ben, I am finally posting a comment on your blog!

The entire Harris family was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time with you, Karen, and Abigail. Thank you for putting up with our perplexing accomadations. Come again soon and we will do our best to avoid again overtaxing your CPU in such a manner!

Benjamin E. said...

Joshua commented on my blog??! Wow, I am so honored!

"Thank you for putting up with our perplexing accommodations." No, thank you for the wonderful accommodations. Unlike computer CPUs, the harder the human brains works, the better. And further more, having to decide which bed to sleep in is by no means an unpleasant task. :-)

Thank you for commenting, Joshua. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon.

- Ben

Scott Eash said...


There are some crazy drivers out there! One time, on a trip to Florida, we were driving on a 6 or 8 lane highway, but some nut decided there weren't enough lanes so he passed a car on the shoulder!

I'm sure everyone in your family has better road manners than those you described. Scratch that. Let's say I'm sure about most Einwechters. :)

Scott Eash said...

It just dawned on me that my previous comment might be misunderstood. I want to make it clear that I don't doubt the driving ability of Karen. What I meant to say is that I'm sure about the driving manners of all Einwechters...except Josiah. It was supposed to be a joke, prompted by this post. Sorry if I left the wrong impression!

Karen said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Scott! :-) I thought that you were probably refering to Josiah, and not to me in your comment. I am happy to report that Josiah is doing well in his driving.