Saturday, October 27, 2007

Due to some recent comments on all the corn pictures (1, 2, 3) Ben has been taking of late, we decided to post this picture so no one gets the idea Ben is not an equal opportunity photographer. All vegetables deserve their time on the blog.


That's all for this week. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back next week to see pictures of our family making apple cider (and who knows what else)!

Have a good week everyone. Take care and God bless,
Benjamin & Josiah E.


hannah said...

lol Great post, guys! Short and sweet this time, eh? So Ben, what exactly is that unique plant partially hidden by the sunset in the background? Oats?

Carmen said...

I don't care if the other vegatables do miss out; corn is still my favorite!

I think I can answer your question, Hannah. At least I'm going to make a guess: soybeans. Blog owners, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Kristen Joy said...

Well, it's SOME sort of beans!

Great silhouette picture.

Mr. D said...

Carmen, I believe those are soy beans as well.

Apple cider! Mmmmm... Nothing can quite match home-squeezed apple cider.

Benjamin E. said...

Wow, quite a discussion you guys and gals have going here... I almost hate to end it by answering your questions. :-)

Yes, the main subject of this photograph is soybeans. That "unique plant" in the background is none other then the noxious weed, Johnson Grass. Johnson Grass has an interesting history to it, it's a good idea gone bad. Click here to find out more.

Karen said...

Good "beans" and Johnson grass pic, Ben! Quite artistic.