Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another week...

Hello everyone,
Just a quick update this time... only 28 pictures! Just think, back in the days of film cameras that would have been almost a whole roll of film. It is something to think about.

Also, as most of you know, our family "bluegrass band" regularly performs the song: "The Balled of Jed Clampett". Well, this week a disturbing video came to our attention... Could we have been wrong about those so called "Beverly Hillbillies"??

Note: This video was posted simply for entertainment and should not be construed as an endorsement for either Geico or :-)


jordan said...

Man, Geico has some of the wildest commercials. :-) Some REALLY make me laugh. Anyway, have a good week!

Abigail said...

Aw, so that's the real story of the Beverly Hillbillies?!? The other one was so much more exciting. :-(


hannah said... do they come up with this stuff?!?!?! Poor Jed Clampett! lol