Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

This year we had a smaller than usual Thanksgiving celebration due to Sarah & Nelson visiting his side of the family and Benjamin, of course, being in Texas. Our one consolation was the wonderful addition of having Monique with us for the first time as one of the family.

As always the food was unbeatable! Jon digs right in. :)

Dad fulfills his patriarchal duty of carving the turkey.

After Mom, his faithful helpmeet, lays out the traditional instruments.

Karen, eldest daughter at home.

Abigail, joyful sister.

Jonathan & Monique

I wonder what they are thanking God for on this Thanksgiving?

Isaac shares a good laugh.

Philip, what did Mom tell you about playing with fire?

Timothy, youngest son and up and coming photographer.

Esther, who is becoming quite the young lady.

No, I couldn't find any pictures of myself, photography has it's downsides!

"I... don't.... think... I can take another bite."


Dillo said...

Great pics! They really capture the people and personality of each! Good eye, great talent! I enjoyed stopping by.


Joshua Rogers said...

Impressive photo of your mom, in particular. Looking through these felt like a visit to a new place. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.