Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thankfully I can always count on my family for a great candid!

"Sparkling Cider, anyone?"

Caleb, Man of Many Talents

I can't help but laugh when I see how much trouble a simple bottle cap is giving this gentleman who is completely at home with his Canon 5D Mark II! :)

In his defense, the bottle caps were rather hard to get off.

Cool, refreshing, sparkling cider is poured into a plastic goblet by my brother Philip with a floral centerpiece in the background.

Now, is that really any better than just labeling it "art"?

Caleb performs two of his beautiful, original pieces.

His talented sister, Katie, provides accompaniment on the piano.

Believe me, folks, this cake's real beauty is not in its decoration, which is very nice, but rather is to be found only by those who are fortunate enough to taste any of Aunt Becky's masterpieces. No exaggeration, my Aunt Becky's cakes are hands down the best wedding cakes I have ever tasted, something I am sure that anyone who has sampled them will affirm.


I must apologize for no cake cutting shots, all I can say is when you don't have the press badge you just don't get the good positions. :)

"Cake, anyone?"

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