Sunday, May 17, 2009

Announcement: Somebody just got engaged!!

No, it isn't me... ;-)

My brother Jonathan and Monique Hoffman are engaged to be married!!

Reenacting for the camera:

"Will you marry me?"

Calling the family to share some really, really, exciting news.

Making plans.

Praise God for His goodness to us. We serve a truly awesome God!

Congratulations, Jonathan and Monique!


daughter of the King said...

congratulations!!!! :)

Tai Sophia said...

Aww - congratulations!

hannah said...

Wow! Congratulations, Jonathan and Monique! I will have to let the family here know your exciting news. Blessings to you as you prepare for an upcoming marriage.

Jason Matyas said...

Congrats Jonathan and Monique!

Jason D. said...

A big congratulations to both of you. This is very exciting news! May God bless you both!
Jason D. Manion

Philip Einwechter said...

Congrats Jon and Monique, Way to go!

Your brother,

Peter J. Serven said...

That is great! Congratulations!

Amanda Flynn said...

It was so fun to see this when I opened Facebook! lol. Great pictures - thanks for sharing! :)

Carmen M. said...

I would think the blog is not dead; it seems very much alive!

Monique and Jonathan, I'm so happy for you (for about the sixth time or so ;-).

So, Ben, if this is what you were referring to as "miscellaneous stuff" the other night, no wonder you were so vague. ;-)

Karen said...

The Lord has really blessed you, Jonathan and Monique! I am rejoicing with you. :-)

Great job on the post, Ben!

The Manion Family said...


We are rejoicing with you.

Sim said...


Abigail said...

Congratulations, Jon and Monique!! May God bless you richly.