Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rising out of the morning mist, the mighty hunters approach.

Isaac with the deer he shot.
BTW, that's a nice gun he's holding. I shot my first (and only) deer with it - just in case you wanted to know.

Making the Game Commission happy.

The brotherhood.

Philip, with a determined set to his jaw, carefully scans the woods before him.

Philip with his first deer.


Anonymous said...

Nice deer Phill! I got one to and ,I thought MINE was small! Well, anyhow better than last year.
Josiah Stoltzfus

phil said...

Hey Josiah how big was your deer anyway? Mine was about 80-90 pounds.

phil e.

Anonymous said...

80-90.lbs!!!!!! THAT BABY? I think that is about 45-55 lbs. I know those things look and feel big, but mine was bigger and it weighed 50-60. I later learned (rather forcibly) that an 90 lb. doe is a nice sized doe.
Cool gun! What is the make ,model and cal.?
Josiah S.

Isaac E. said...

Josiah, Are you talking about "live weight" or "dress weight"? The live weight was around 70-90 lb. and the dress weight around 30 lb.

Philip E. said...

Hey Jo!
My gun was a 30-30 Win. model 94AE.A really sweet gun that I got for about $200.
That's a 3x9 Tasco scope on it.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking dress weight.

My gun is a .243 savage LEFT-HANDED
bolt-action.It has a Deerfield 3x9 scope.

Josiah S.