Saturday, October 11, 2008

A new vehicle for Ben?

In anticipation of having a family some day, maybe I should trade in my little Honda Civic and get a more, well, family friendly vehicle? What do you think?

*deafening silence*

What? Why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong? It just a minivan, right? Right??


The End


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a very family friendly "minivan". In fact, our most recent VW bus ( with bright orange on the bottom instead of the pictured turquoise ) lasted us until we were expecting number 11. It does actually seat 10 children and 2 adults comfortably, as well as having plenty of extra luggage space, if you do it right.

We highly recommend the proposed trade-in. A VW bus is nothing for you to be embarrassed by.

Guess Who

Benjamin E. said...

Dear Guess Who,
Hmm... Orange VW bus, a least 11 children... It seems like I should know you. But I must confess, you have me puzzled. I'm going to make a wild guess though: Does your last name start with "M" and do you live in Ohio??

Puzzled in PA

Dale said...

Ben, there is only one way to properly use a VW bus: paint it orange with big, yellow flowers and wear lime-green bell-bottom pants when you drive it. That's the only way - it's like a law or something. :)

Nice car, Josiah!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I wonder where you got the idea of using a bigger photo size. Just struck me as rather remeniscent of somebody else's recent decision to do so. :-) Sorry for giving you a hard time; nobody likes to be called a copy-cat! Actually it is a virtue to be able to follow someone's example when you realize it is a good idea, even if you might be accused of stealing the idea. :-) Maybe you don't even know what I am refering to - oh well, that is why I am anonymous!

Michaelmthomas said...

Ben ... all I can say is, "DO IT!" I'll even by the tie dye t-shirts and us and our future kids can all go cruisin' listening to the Botkins 200 year plan as we drive to the 2015 film festival. Hmm ... I like that idea.

Abigail said...

I really enjoyed your post, Ben! Very well done.

Uh, in my opinion, if you do trade in your car, you should look a little longer before sealing the deal. :-)

Benjamin E. said...

Well everyone, I greatly appreciate all the advice and observations you've shared.

Dale, the day you see me in lime green bell bottom pants is the day I buy you a VW bus. In other words, don't hold your breath ;-)

Anonymous, I believe I know exactly which blog you're talking about. Hey, life is too short too think up all the good ideas yourself!

Michael, we may get pulled over for violating some fashion laws, but other then that I like your idea. Let's do it!

Abigail, thanks for the advice. Until I get married and my wife takes over the job, my sister's fashion advice will continue carry a lot of weight with me. :-)

Jason, yes, I was referring to you. But no offense bro, I admit I was grasping at straws when I made that wild guess. BTW, I'm looking forward to your coming visit!

Jason D. said...


Well, you did grasp the right straw, because it was us mentioned in the first comment. But was it only a wild guess or did you actually suspect that it was us?

For the record, in spite of the fact that we drove a orange VW bus, there were no big flowers painted all over it, and we didn't wear either lime green bell-bottoms or the tie dye t-shirts. Although one visit to a local Seattle park resulted in some excitement. There was a big coach bus full of hippies who, thinking we must be hippies too, offered us a meal. Needless to say, we declined the offer.

Just think of the fun you could have if you did that trade-in!

Jason D. Manion