Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Church Dinner

Eating and catching up on life.

One of the many excellent cooks that make church dinners so enjoyable.


Eying up the cake. But they can't touch the work of art, until...

... we get a picture of the artist!


With Matt leaving for TX soon, it became urgent to pass on his knowledge of how to babysit the furnace. What a demanding piece of machinery!

"Aw, don't worry. If we have any questions, we'll just read manual."*

*Smart guys read manuals.


Kristen Joy said...

I love Derrick's face on that first one!

Carmen M. said...

"Eyeing up the cake."

When I saw that picture, I instinctively stiffened and muttered under my breath, "That's right! You BETTER not touch that cake!!!" I hadn't realized that I was still living with the stress of that cake. :-) No doubt my lack of closure was due to the fact that I had to destroy (cut) my own work; that is something no artist should be forced to do!

Benjamin E. said...

Carmen, it sounds like you need to deal with the past, put it to rest, and move on with your life.

Just some friendly advice from a concerned friend.