Friday, August 8, 2008

Derrick explains that the rules in volleyball are there for a purpose. ;-)


What a fun time we all had!


That's all for this week folks. Thanks for visiting!



Scott Eash said...

Great pics, guys! Thanks for putting in all the hard work to make this an interesting blog!

Kristen Joy said...

"Derrick explains that the rules in volleyball are there for a purpose." I can just hear him!

Thanks for the entertaining post--and for your perseverance in keeping up a blog that is (sometimes?) a tiresome duty!

And Happy Anniversary.

Dale said...

So Jon, what are rules for?


Anonymous said...

I wonder who won, the girls or the boys? You all neglected that very important piece of information. Guess I am going to have to go to a more reliable blog.(: Great work!

Jonathan said...

Do you think I know what the rules of volleyball are for? Ask Derrick. The "abominations" (to use Derrick's term) taking place that evening in our street volleyball greatly horrified the rule-precision Derrick.

It was a great evening!

Carmen said...

Anonymous, you noticed the same thing I did(no boys vs. girls score). But I have the advantage of you by knowing what that score was, and I am tempted to think that what that score was is the reason that it was not posted. :-) Does that answer your question?

(Blog owners, please forgive my liberty in hinting at the answer to one of your viewers questions.)

Benjamin E. said...

Carmen, your liberality is forgiven.

Actually, I forgot we even had a guy v. girl game that night. And I also have no idea what the score was. I've played so many volleyball games over the past month or two that they are all starting to run together in my head. :-)

Carmen M. said...

But surely you did remember who won; that was all that really mattered:-). Sorry, I have to keep rubbing it in!