Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Week of serious catch-up

Hello All,

This is Josiah here, Ben deserted me and ran off to New England so I am left to take care of our blog all by myself.. We have a lot of interesting stuff for you this week, with Jon coming home from the hospital, me getting my learner's permit, and a long overdue update about my new job we have plenty to keep us busy.

Right now Ben and my two sisters are in New England visiting friends, I, unfortunately had to stay home because of work. :-( Oh well maybe next time!

Now to the pictures! Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Hello Josiah and Ben,

I am finally writing you to say hello. Thank you very much for posting pictures of the wedding. We enjoyed seeing ourselves on the world wide web.

Say hello to Ben when he gets back and tell Jon that we are praying for his recovery, and say hello to the rest of the clan.

Due to the time constraints of married life we will not be posting frequently (or even looking frequently)on the blog, but we do look forward to seeing you all at IFRC sometime.

Regards, Nicolas and Lydia Barbeito

Abigail said...

Good job, Josiah! Thanks for holding down the fort! :-)

Josiah E. said...

Hi Nicolas and Lydia, good to see you on here!

"May I congratulate you on your recent marriage!"

We totally understand about not commenting or looking at our blog much but we will definitely look forward to your visits at church!

Thanks a lot Abigail!