Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The ONE and ONLY Thomas Family

The next stop on our New England trip was the Thomas family's home.

Michael, a very kind hearted man, offers bread to the weary travelers.

After a long, boring supper with almost no conversation between all the socially awkward homeschoolers, we decided to play a game of Four on a Couch in hopes of breaking the ice. (You know I'm kidding, right?)

Matthew copes with having his name changed to Monica.
(BTW, nice hair.)

Agent Micaiah

The boys team scores a victory! Hooah!

The girls team scores a major victory! Way to go!


Carmen said...

"Four on the Couch" looks as if it would be a great game to break the ice of new aquaintances (I'm always on the lookout for those games). I read the Wikipedia definition and would love to try it sometime, but I believe it would be best to play it with veterans for the first time (hint not intended)! The definition's comparison of the game to Chess was a bit discouraging, however.

Benjamin E. said...

Yes, taking on the name of your guest can certainly be a great way to break the ice. :-) Imagine having everyone call you Benjamin for the duration of a game. Yeah... see what I mean?

Abigail said...

Ah, Four on a Couch, the game where people can have an identity crisis, forget who they are and everyone else that they thought they knew, and have total memory blanks all in the space of half an hour. So short a time, but so full.

It was great fun playing the game with you all, Thomases! :-)

Scott Eash said...

Yes...memory blanks are quite common, especially in games of that sort where players...uh...What was I saying again?

Anyway, sounds like a fun game!