Saturday, April 12, 2008

Learner's permit

Yes, that is a drivers manual, some of us actually study before taking a test!

"Now Josiah, how far away from a fire hydrant are you supposed to park?"

So can anybody answer that without looking at a book?


Me said...

I am sure that you have absouluely no idea who I am, though we met some of your family at Jamestown last June. :)
We really enjoy reading your blog! :)
Anyway...I just figured that I'd comment. You have to be 15 feet from the hydrant. I would not have known, had I not taken the test 2 days ago.
Good luck to those in your family who are taking the test soon.:)


Benjamin E. said...

Hi "Me",
You're right, I have absolutely no idea who you are. Apparently Michael Thomas doesn't know either.

So far, here is what I think I know about you:

1 - You're a female somewhere between the ages of 16 - 20.

2 - You're the 2nd oldest child of seven.

3 - Your sisters call you "Lizzy".

Beyond that, I'm lost. Am I getting close? :-) Anyway, thanks for commenting.

Sarah said...

Sehr Gut! Your sleuthing abilities are very good. :)
I did not really mean to be secretive, I just did not want to pin a name to my embarrassing guess on the Thomas' blog. :)
Anyway, please know that my family enjoys your blog, and appreciates your Godly family and testimony.
God Bless!