Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ever wonder who visits this blog?

Friend, filmmaker, Life Through a Viewfinder blog visitor, expert chair stacker, and many other skills I don't even know about yet. Check him out online at


RyanDE said...

I had to beg long and hard for this picture. I ended up looking somewhat possessed. ; ) Maybe I had seen too many chairs that day. Anyway I made it.

See ya,
Ryan : )

Benjamin E. said...

Yes, you made it. You're in. Welcome to the club. You're now one of us (whatever that means).

Sorry about how the picture turned out, I should have done a better job composing it. But with all those chairs flying everywhere around me, it wasn't exactly the right environment for glamor shots. We'll have to try again some other time. But until then, I guess this will have to do. :-)

Take care man,